Who is behind the “alwaysinmotion” campaign?

alwaysinmotion was developed by the Swiss Oil Industry Association, an association of oil importers in Switzerland. Its members are responsible, among other things, for operating a network of around 3,500 petrol stations, more than a third of which also have shops that sell a wide variety of everyday necessities.

Why is the campaign called “alwaysinmotion”?

Petrol stations have always catered to the needs of customers. And like their customers, they are always in motion. alwaysinmotion seeks to ensure that this will never change. At the petrol stations of the future, you might find a number of new services, such as pharmacies, spa areas or spaces for picking up parcels. And at the fuel pumps, you may have a choice of biofuels, synthetic fuels, electricity, natural gas/biogas or hydrogen.

Why does the campaign focus on petrol stations in particular?

Switzerland has the most concentrated network of petrol stations in Europe. Petrol stations are the lifeblood of personal mobility. We’re always popping into petrol stations – and not just to fill up our cars. In a rapidly changing world, petrol stations provide a sense of comfort and familiarity. They are something we can count on. Petrol stations are where brief encounters occur between all types of people who are constantly coming and going. Exciting mobility-related questions are at the core of this activity, questions which alwaysinmotion brings into focus.

How can I benefit as a customer?

Our goal is to remind you of the ways in which your petrol station is always there for you. alwaysinmotion is a pledge that your needs as a customer will remain a top priority. You can also read and watch exciting accounts of what mobility will be like in the future, and win attractive prizes by participating in competitions created in conjunction with the campaign.

I don’t drive. Why should I care about petrol stations?

Petrol stations are not just for filling up with fuel. They’re also the perfect place for cyclists and pedestrians to stop off for a drink or a bite to eat. Petrol stations are designed for anyone who needs to pick up something quickly, at almost any hour of the day or night. The alwaysinmotion project is about much more than petrol stations. Mobility is an issue that affects everyone. With people on the go more than ever before, mobility expectations have never been higher. Mobility-based services must be efficient, reliable, safe, of high quality, fast and enjoyable. During the past few years, petrol stations have become genuine "mobility hotspots”. They “power” the ever increasing mobility needs of our society and economy, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

What does the Swiss Oil Industry Association have in store for visitors to the Geneva International Motor Show?

At the Geneva International Motor Show, the Swiss Oil Industry Association will be presenting the “petrol station of the future". What will a petrol station look like in a few years’ time? What kind of fuels will be available for cars, and which products and services will be offered to customers? We are teaming up with the Empa and the hydrogen car pioneer Hyundai to show guests how the hydrogen fuelling process works. Even the coffee sold at the “petrol station of the future” (which you are welcome to try) will be futuristic.